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backstage report: the MAC look at vivienne tam fall/winter 2013.

{how it begins}
{the finished look}

MAC's lead artist for the vivienne tam show, maud laceppe, drew inspiration from the 1990's, punk, and london for the look, which was punctuated by a very strong purple-black lip.

here's the exact products and steps used to create the lip look:
  1. create a defined lip line with current lip liner.  then blend into entire lip.
  2. add nightmoth lip liner to creat dimension and depth.
  3. combine black and burgundy lip mix to color entire lip.
  4. finish entire face with a coating of soft and gentle mineralize skinfinish, maude told me she wanted the girls to look like they "had been spritzed with olive oil".
i would wear this lip to someplace loud and dark.  would you rock this near black lip?

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