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new and review: NARS spring 2013.

{stella tennant}

{the collection}

 NARS spring is here, almost.  the collection will be live on narscosmetics.com tomorrow, 1/15/13.  the collection draws it's inspiration my high school years, the 1990s, when i first discovering my relationship with makeup.  these colors bring me back.

i've gotten my hands on a couple of pieces early - the corcavado soft touch shadow pencil and cythere velvet gloss pencil - or as i now call them, the gold pencil duo.
  • corcavado soft touch shadow pencil is described as a "24 karat gold" -- and it is.  it looks like straight indian gold, the rich yellowy gold.  it's like a trip to jackson heights for the eyes.  it's also limited edition.  $24.
  • cythere velvet gloss pencil is being called a soft metallic rose -- i know rose gold when i see it!  this frosty metallic pencil is a great layering on top of lipstick, and actually makes for a cute, soft eyeliner shade as well.  $24.
the piece i can't wait to grab up is disco inferno nail polish, a limited edition iridescent silver green, that i need in my life.  which items catch your eye?


gypsy said...

*sighs* all of the pieces...is that a dark crimson/ burgundy/ vamp blush all the way on the right???

Kelly Stallings said...

The collection is so gorgeous! I'm living for the pink eye duo! <3

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