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new and review: kiehl's powerful wrinkle reducing cream.


i have many weaknesses - infused liquor, people in animal costumes, candy, and skincare that contains copper.  if i see a product has copper, i have to have it.  the reason being it's such an an effective anti-wrinkle venom.   my beloved facialist, irina, recently told me, i don't have wrinkles, just lines.  i'm not sure what to call them, but i can tell you that the skin on my forehead could be looking better.  it may be the years of squinting and refusing to wear glasses, it may be genetic, either way the "lines" are here and need to fought.

kiehl's powerful wrinkle reducing cream mixes calcium, copper and micro-nutrients that immediately soften skin while working to smooth lines and minimize pores (two of my most important skin goals!).   it also claims to increase elasticity by 32%, which i have no way of measuring -- but i will say my skin looks really good!  i gauge how good my skin is looking by how many strangers try to converse with me on the subway.  this week (since i've started using the cream)  it's been stranger-danger city on the train.

there's a version with SPF 30, and one without SPF.  i have the one with, though i've been applying it at bedtime, with great effect.  If you plan on applying it in the morning Dr. Angelo Cuzalina recommends using the one with SPF as it is a great way to fight aging and keep your face looking young!   $52 for 1.7 fl. oz. jar of either formula.  there's also an eye cream that retails for $42.  visit the line at kiehls.com.

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