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new: clinique lashes top to bottom for holiday 2012.

{lashes, lashes, lashes}
i love when a set goes beyond a selection of eyeshadow or lip colors.  a clever collection of something a little less mundane just does it for me.  which is why i think clinique's lashes top to bottom gift set is the work of beauty genius. 

nestled inside the shiny pink box are 5 mascara minis, ranging from bold to lengthening:
  • high impact mascara
  • high lengths mascara
  • lash power mascara
  • lash doubling mascara
  • bottom lash mascara
i love mascara and i love minis -- i really can't get enough of this.  if there is a makeup lover on your list, rest assured, this is the ultimate beauty girl gift.  $29.50.

1 comment:

Maz007 said...

Thanks for mentioning the price. I will surely buy that..

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