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is kim kardashian's hairline laser treatment a trend?

{that is a tight hairline, image via usmagazine.com}

kim kardashian has said she's had laser hair removal from head to toe.   yet when my dear friend dina told me that kim has admitted to having her her hairline changed with laser, i was shocked and captivated.  i didn't even know that was a thing!  at my recent lower leg laser treatment at beam laser spa i grilled one of my favorite specialists, joanne, about this possible trend.

here's a rough version of our convo:

me:  did you hear kim kardashian had laser of her hairline?!
joanne:  yes,  i've heard that.  we've had some clients come in for that treatment.
me:  you have?!  how do they decide what forehead they want?  do they bring in pictures of celebs?
joanne:  no, most people just want to either eliminate little fine baby hairs or make the line more even.
me:  ouch!  which body part hurts the most for laser?
joanne:  any place with a bone, that's why lower leg is more painful, face is usually not as bad.
me:  which is least painful?
joanne:  less bony areas, so surprisingly brazilian bikini is not so painful.  the most painful part is the the suprapubic bone area.  it's also one of our most popular treatments.

i wanted to share this dialogue with you, beauties, because i learned about a new treatment and gained movivation to go forward and laser my bikini treatment after i complete lower leg!  are there any other bizarre beauty treatments out there i have no knowledge of?!


Maria Veronica said...

The only word I have in my head reading this post is just "OUCH" hahaha

makeup loves me said...

haha, that about sums it up, Maria!

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