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holiday gift idea: decades, a century of fashion by cameron silver.

{a cover to judge by}
cameron silver's tome to the last century of fashion, decades, is a breath-taking book

silver owns a boutique by the same name, decades, on melrose that has been dressing hollywood in vintage for over 10 years.  clients include everyone from chloe sevigny to j.lo.  now he's parlayed his expertise into book form.  larger than life, decades is at least 2x taller than the average book and weighs more than some small cats.  this quality hard-cover is filled with colored photos of starlets sporting the trends of their era, and detailed knowledge of designs past.  it is the ultimate coffee table book, and would make a lovely gift for the sartorially-minded.

earlier this month i attended a party that MAC cosmetics held to honor the release of this book and had a chance to meet the enigmatic genius that is cameron silver.  dressed in a vintage silk japanese suit that could double for fancy pajamas that he had purchased at a recent auction, this is a man who knows his craft.  i would trust his every word.

decades is available on amazon.com, and can still be shipped in time for christmas.

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