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happy holidays!

last christmas eve i got engaged (my wedding is now 4 months and 1 day away).  this christmas my fiance and i are hosting our first holiday dinner.  i'm feeling very grown up.

right now a flurry of nervous energy is filling my NYC apartment as we scramble to prep for the arrival of our guests. 

here are few pictures from the last few hours that i wanted to share with you:

{one of my holiday season goals was to master violent eyes, today i'm rocking the blue}

{a surprise necklace from my fiance from michelle chang's adorable etsy shop}

{stockings for each our guests - filled with many of my beauty favorites}
{pears for poaching - hopefully the process covers their blemishes}
happy holidays beauties, however and whatever it is that you celebrate!

and come back soon, later this week i'll be launching a series of posts in anticipation of 2013  on beauty resolutions.

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