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five things to try this december.

1. make up for ever nude eyelashes 157 - i've found my perfect lash.  it's the ideal length for added drama before it turns drag queen.  these are also the first falsies i've owed where the band doesn't need to be trimmed -- which makes the process of applying a million times easier. $16.

2. holiday must-have little luxuries - i love minis.  this holiday gift kit includes 6 travel-sized essentials from some of P+G's most iconic brands - olay, secret and crest.  i'm stocking up on these for myself while they're in season.  $6.

3. the body shop cranberry joy hand wash - switching out the bathroom hand soap for a more seasonal option infuses a routine task with festivity.  $8.

4. violent eyes temporary glitter liner tattoos - one step glamour.  it took a few tries to get my technique down with these appliques, but now that i have it down, i'm a huge fan.  available in 8 colors, and each sheet contains four different liner shapes.  $9.99.

5. benefit fine-one-one sheer brightening color for cheeks and lips - looks like sherbet, wears like a natural flush, comes in a rose gold tube.  need i say more?  not yet available for mass consumption -- but any order from benefit.com until 12/12/12 gets you a free sample.  $30.

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