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beauty resolution: make your workout work for you.

i'm not a huge fan of working out -- but those of who know me in real life know that i am a fan of getting my waist as tiny as possible and my butt as big as possible (it's all about the contrast), all with putting in minimal effort.  if i'm gonna spend time sweating and groaning, i want to be to maximize my return.  i've narrowed down my workout routine for 2013 to two classes that pack the greatest impact on my assets.  my goal for new year is to make it both of these classes at least once a week, then nothing can come between me and my dream body:

{capivating, no?}
1. exhale spa's core fusion - has long been a favorite of mine and became a staple in my routine for all of 2012, but the some of the NYC locations have recently strengthened by devotion by adding a class called core fusion thighs + glutes, based on the DVD by the same name.  this 60 minute class heightens my derriere like nothing else, and it's my newest must.

2. flywheel indoor cycling - is probably the class i talk the most ish about, but that's only because it works me so hard.  when i tweeted earlier this week "nothing makes me want to vom quite like @flywheel", i meant that in the best way possible.  i sweat like nothing else during this 45 minute class, that does not need to be a second longer.  this is my cardio.

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