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beauty resolution: make mouthcare a priority.

good oral hygiene may not be glamorous to discuss, but you certainly cannot be glamorous without having it.  as always, the devil is in the details; meaning it's always the tedious steps that really hold a captivating woman's look together.

{available in cool mint,arctic mint, and fresh citrus}
my three step plan to making my breath and smile it's best in 2013:
  1. last year i resolved to "floss more", with mixed success.  this coming year i'm really going to try to get better about this.  if my dentist is reading this, i promise.
  2. use mouthwash -- because "brushing your teeth alone misses 75% percent of your mouth".  ew.  thank you, listerine, for the heads up!  since reading that i've been using their listerine ultaclean (it rhymes!) daily, and it is fierce.  i can only imagine it must be doing a number on bacteria.
  3. whiten teeth, like, 1x per month.  as much as i love the idea of at-home tooth-whiting, it's daunting to wrap my mind around setting aside 2 hours for the treatment.  but, my wedding is 4 months away, so i think i better make time for my crest 3D white strips

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