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new: stila cosmetics holiday gifts 2012.

i'm already in a full-on panic about holiday gifts, and we haven't even worshiped the giant turkey yet!  i made my list of whom i have to gift to, and it is no small scroll.  but no matter how long the list, stila's holiday gifts reminded me of the importance of gifting to oneself.

{all is bright holiday lip glaze set - $25}
{written in the stars eye shadow palette - $20}
{seeing stars smudge stick set - $32}
some holiday gift sets are just begging devotees of a brand to stock up on beauty favorites at a discounted price and with loveable limited edition packaging.  purchasing all 5 of these smudge sticks individually would run you $100, but the set is only $32.  the best part is everyone one of them is a distinct, jewel-toned and wearable color.

pick up something for yourself, or someone else, at stilacosmetics.com.

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