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latest from paul mitchell truth about curls campaign.

{me getting my makeup done by cindy at NARS, my hair in it's natural state}

my curls confession:  i'm one of those straight-haired girls who has always had curl envy.  the bigger the hair, the better.  my stick-straight haired momma had a perm and set her hair in rollers everyday of my childhood.  it seems the curly-mentality is everywhere this season, products for embracing natural curls are popping up from all my favorite brands.

do you have a fantastic mane of curls that you love to show off (and use to make me jealous)?  have you always wanted to see your face on the side of a building?  if so you can upload your picture, along with your curl confession to the paul mitchell facebook page.   the photos gathered during the next 15 days will be used for a live stream visual to be projected in new york and los angeles on november 15, 2012.  details on the exact location of the installations will be available on the paul mitchell FB page.  those who share their curl confessions will be entered for a chance to win full-sized product, as well as those who see the installation in person can enter a QR code.  use the curls to make the world envious, beauties!

editor's note:  please be advised this post is part of sponsored series but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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