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how to use MAC pigments to create gel nail colors.

{the final creation}
everyone's talking about my nails - friends, acquaintances, and mostly strangers (people who spot them at the grocery store, on the subway)!  and probably you'll be talking about them too after seeing this post. 

i love high end nail art with gel nails (i've had to add a category for marie nails to my monthly budget), but gel polish doesn't come in as many variations of every hue as traditional polish.  what to do? when something doesn't exist, the best thing to do is create it.  i had heard rumor of using MAC pigments to create every imaginable gel nails shade, and on my most recent trip to marie nails i was armed with a bag full of my favorite MAC pigments and  glitters in order to try it out.

{the hues i was choosing from}

{the colors used in my nail look}

i chose a design based on a picture on keri blair's blog - nail art junkie - that i fell in love with (check out the original version here).  i showed the picture to junko at marie nails, along with the pigments i wanted to use, and she got to work.

{junko at work}
{midway point}

how to make nail colors with pigment:  each of the shades used (except the black) was created by simply mixing clear calgel with MAC pigment or glitter.  the colors stay true to how they look in the jars and go on beautifully.  maccosmetics.com offers 57 pigment shades and 21 shades of glitter.

{my friend amara (from MAC's PR team) also got a manicure - hers is a mix of grape pigment and black black pigment, with an accent of silver glitter}

{admire it!}

1 comment:

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

Wow, I would've never thought to use pigments are gel nail color.

It turned out awesome!

--- Nicole O.

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