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how to fix dull and puffy skin with mario badescu products.

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i trust no skincare brand and spa more than mario badescu.  for many years now their estheticians are the ones i run to when my face is acting up.  after my week of the new orleans diet (a special blend of never-ending cocktails coupled with sodium and butter rich foods) and the fluctuating weather over the past few weeks in NYC my skin was looking a heady mix of dull and puffy.   

my esthetician, irina, did nothing to disavow me of these concerns, she did not say "oh no, you look great".  in the stoic fashion typical of eastern europeans she grimly assessed my face under the magnifying light and determined i need a gycolic peel, deep extractions, and a vitamin C masque.  and she must have been right -- because my that was almost a week ago and my face looks clear, smooth and glowing! 

during the facial i grilled irina for her recommendations on home products and self-care techniques for my concerns.  here are her tips:
  • to decrease general facial swelling: use a tightening masque - like the flower +  tonic mask - to re-tone skin.  she also reminded me it's equally important to drink additional water and cut back on salt and alcohol when your face feels enlarged.
  • to fight puff in the eye area:  use cold compresses (irina recommends moistened tea bags chilled in the freezer), apply eye cream twice a day (something soothing like ceramide eye gel), and use gentle massage in the eye area to enhance lymph drainage.
  • to combat season change dullness and get a glowing finish: always use toner before moisturizing.  irina selected seaweed cleansing lotion for me.  toner rebalances skin's pH after washing, making it more receptive of moisture.  next apply herbal hydrating serum.  this is irina's "magic product".  if your skin is oily this can be a moisturizer on its own, if you crave extra hydration mix it with you lotion.

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