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holiday season wardrobe essentials.

{my favorites}

my holiday wardrobe is tight and shiny --  in december i wear a lot of glittery dresses.  i try to be the tinsel.  in order to make that work, i have a few holiday wardrobe essentials that may not be the flashiest part of my look, but they are the glue that holds the flash together.  i buy all of these things in multiples.

dove go sleeveless antiperspirant deodorant - i always get deodorant on my clothes.  always.  which is why this seemingly invisible (but not clear, because clear deodorant is just weird) formula is so necessary.  i'm currently using their newest scent, soothing chamomile, which is mild and pleasant.

l'eggs silken mist pantyhose - i recently heard that pantyhose are back in style because princess catherine is not allowed to be seen in public with bare legs.  while i don't know about all that, i do know that it's cold and even though these 'hose are sheer, they keep my legs an improbable level of warm.  they are also really comfy.

tide to go instant stain remover - things spill, and by things i mean wine.  this pen is portable and can be used to cover any manner of sins.

hanky panky thongs - i've been fan of these underwear for years.  a few weeks back i hit up their sample sale and stocked up on a variety of purple lace thongs.  i also recently had the privilege of trying their newest launch - hanky panky bare.  hanky panky bare is a seamless panty, set to hit shelves in 2013, that's so sooth i'm thinking of wearing 'em under my wedding dress.

1 comment:

Amy M. said...

Love this ... the Tide pen is brilliant. I, too, am always spilling wine on my holiday clothes! xo

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