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the truth about curls.

{the curl rescue committee}

i remember the the summer between 7th and 8th grade as the time when my best friend halie went from duckling to swan.  to be more specific, a fly swan that every boy wanted.  that summer is also when halie left for cape cod with a puff of frizzy near-black hair and came home with a halo of perfectly defined curls.  after the intervention of a beauty-minded auntie, halie's pretty face was suddenly framed by show-stopped ringlets.

the moral of this story is that while not all girls have glorious curls, those who can need the right tools.  paul mitchell's curls line knows this truth and has recently introduced four products that are specifically made for curly hair; spring loaded detangling shampoo, full circle leave-in treatment, ultimate wave, and twirl around.  do have a curl fairy godmother who saved your hair or a frizz horror story to tell?  hit up paul mitchell's facebook page to share your tale. 

editor's note:  please be advised this post is part of sponsored series but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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