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review: urban decay vice palette.

{a rainbow of luxury}

urban decay created 20 new shadow shades, using a patented pigment infusion system, for their vice palette.  since i first laid eyes on this palette, my vice became covetry -- i wanted it so badly it started invading my dreams. 

i'm not always crazy about a palette.  though always visually stunning, the owner usually ends up with one or two shades they love to use and many they don't use.  but when i pop open this case there's not just a few shades that draw me;  the bright mattes, shimmery nudes, and sultry smoky shades are equally inviting.  i've tested about half the shades, and see myself wearing them all depending on the day or the occasion.  

that said, i do have some favorites:
  • junkie -- already a favorite of makeup artists, this dark green/blue pearl with golden shimmer reminds me of pickle, a discontinued urban decay green glitter liner that i loved.
  • laced - soft matte taupe is the perfect simple, yet sophisticated shade.
  • provocateur - mauve and crazy shiny, a hue like this adds intrigue without going overboard on color.
$59 at sephora, ULTA, select macy's and urbandecay.com.

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