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review: murad overnight soothing gel.

{what i wear to bed}

beauties, i've been sleeping in murad overnight soothing gel*, oh, 2-3 nights a week now.  and i am so into it.

this clear, overnight treatment is for red and irritated skin.  while the treatment is part of their acne  line, for once in my life acne is actually not a problem for me (please don't let my skin see this post and spite me).  yet this gel has still been the perfect addition to my routine.  i didn't even realize how red or uneven my skin appears sans makeup until i woke up the first morning after using this gel.  i looked like a porcelain doll - so, of course, i was hooked.  plus, unlike many products that target acne, this is not at all drying.   murad can join me in bed any night.

$30 at murad.com.

1 comment:

Maria Veronica said...

Sounds like a fantastic products! I've been having issues with red and sore looking skin and this sounds like the perfect remedy -- thanks for the recommendation! xx

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