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new orleans state of mind.

new orleans is my absolute favorite place to visit.  while it's hard for me to imagine living in this southern celebration of debauchery, nothing brings me more joy than escaping to the big easy for a few days. this coming weekend my fiance and i are headed to NOLA for a 2 night getaway -- and i can't wait to stock up on my favorites and discover new niche products.

the new orleans' blend of french and southern makes for ideal eats, cocktails, antique gems and unique beauty finds.  three of current daily staples are either from new orleans, or new orleans inspired:

{only NOLA would make toothpaste from chocolate}
 theodent tooth paste - is made with a cocoa extract, but has a surprisingly mild, minty flavor.  the beautiful paper packaging and elegant tube also make it a perfect vanity display item.

{old style vial}

hove perfumeur ltd. - is a french-style perfumer in the french quarter.  they offer many single note fragrances (my favorite being honeysuckle), as well as creative concoctions like bayou d'amour, a blend of tropical fruits and florals.

{best iced coffee}

grady's cold brew - may be made in brooklyn, but as the bottle declares it's new orleans style.  infused with chicory, this is the only pre-made coffee i'll drink.  i've been going through a large bottle a week.

i already have reservations at all my favorite new orleans restaurants for this weekend, but if there is something you love in NOLA that you think can't be missed - share!

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