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how to create the NARS lip for fall 2012.

{lip #3)
NARS artist cindy rodriguez is a lipstick layering genius.  she gave me 3 great lips to play with this past summer (review those here), and i've partnered with her again for 3 fresh fall lip looks.

here are cindy's recipes:

1. for dark and mysterious:  start with skin smoothing prep around the edge of the lip to lock color in for this bold lip. fill entire lip with train bleu matte velvet pencil and add hot voodoo semi-matte lipstick to the center of the lip for a pop of sheen and a more pouty lip. to make this more of a statement lip, line lip first with mambo lip liner to deepen the lip and add contrast to the hot voodoo.

2. for a more natural lip: use more velvet matte lip gloss pencil and layer born this way larger than life lipgloss on top for a softer look. The more born this way you add to the more pencil the more nude the color becomes. one of my (meaning cindy's) favorite combos in the fall collection.

3.  for a mix of red and magenta: 413 bleecker matte velvet lip pencil and 413 bleecker larger than life lipgloss- for a glossier look start with 413 lbeecker larger than life lipgloss as a base then add velvet lip pencil on top; for a more matte look with a little dimension start with 413 bleecker velvet matte lip pencil and layer 413 bleecker gloss on top.

i substituted scandal lip gloss for 413 bleeker in creating the 3rd lip -- and still love it!  i'm dying to try the 1st one.  all products mentioned available at narscosmetics.com.

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