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five things to try this october.

{such autumnal hues!}

 1. anarchy in a jar grapefruit and smoked salt marmalade - has me hypnotized.  ever since i tried this compote last week, i've been craving this salty/sour/sweet treat.  available at whole foods, though mine is currently sold out of the flavor (so i'm picked up the strawberry balsamic jam instead).  $7.99 a jar.

2. vosges day of the dead skull lollipops - every year vosges pays homage to dia de los muertos, the mexican holiday akin to halloween.  this year's treat are skull-shaped chocolate pops, in red fire (mexican ancho y chipotle chillies + ceylon cinnamon + 55% cacao dark chocolate), barcelona (hickory smoked almonds + grey sea salt + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate) and leche (pink Himalayan salt + 44% cacao deep milk chocolate).  $3.50 a piece.

3. lush cosmetics enchanter bath bomb - a lime and neroli oil concotion that dyes the bath water, allowing you to soak into a large caldron of orange fizz.  limited edition for the halloween season, $6.25.

4. caress bodywash passionate spell - a heady brew of passion fruit and orange rose, this body wash is every bit as bewitching in the shower as it is on the skin later.  approximately $10 at mass retailers.

5. woolite laundry detergent -  offers the benefits of a luxury laundry wash and convenience of a mass product.  the formula omits many of the harsh chemicals that are used in other major detergent lines that lead to early fabric breakdown, yet the wildly popular brand is found in many mass market.  formula available in everyday and darks.

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