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fashion week eye care regimen.

{capsules of eye magic}

 there is perhaps no better time than the return of new york fashion week to discuss one's eye care regimen.  every lost hour of sleep, extra cup of coffee and cocktail down the hatch shows up first around the eyes.  the reason for this is because the area around the eye boasts the thinnest, finest skin on the body, leading  women (and probably men too) to have no shortage of eye complaints - with dark circles, puffiness and tiny wrinkles being the most common problems.

i've mentioned it before, but my biggest eye concern is puffy eyes.  if my skin gets at all dehydrated, my eyes suddenly look half their normal size.  my eye care regimen varies based on the season and based on my stress to sleep ratio.  here are the steps i plan to take during the next week:
  • limit myself to a maximum of 2 cups of coffee per day
  • pound water at any chance i get 
  • get at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night
  • have as many cocktails as i want (you have to indulge somewhere)
  • remove all my eye makeup before bed, then apply a super hydrating, anti-ageing eye cream, look for a cream with both instant and long term benefits
  • whenever i'm writing and/or relaxing around my apartment,i will wear a cooling eye mask, these provide instant de-puffing power
  • use a light-weight, highlighting concealer specific for eyes as the first step of my makeup routine
  • i also always throw a pair of tom ford sunglasses in my bag, for when all my other tricks have failed
take care of your eyes, beauties, for they are the first thing people notice upon meeting you.

editor's note:  while this post is part of a dedicated series all writing and ideas are my own.

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