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review: physician's formula bronzers.

{bronzer porn}

i haven't made it to the beach nearly as much as i would've liked this summer (i know, there's still time, but at this point it's safe to say i'm not going to have an enviable tan by september), so a healthy dose of natural-looking bronzer is a daily requirement. 

mass retail brand physician's formula has just what the doctor ordered -- 28 different formulas of bronzer, not to mention that each one can have multiple shades.  all of the versions i've tried have a very soft, non-orange-y finish.  also, something about a compact filled with textured, graphic prints is so now, and instantly lovable.  i leave them out on my counter just for a mood boost.  swoon.  available at mass retailers - $11.95 - 14.95 a pop.  see the range at physiciansformula.com.

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