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review: lush seanik.

{solid shampoo}

back in college my best friend and i would often give each other beauty tips, many of which i'm pretty sure we made up on the spot.  one of her favorite things to tell me was that it's important to spritz your hair with perfume, that way when you shake your head your crush gets an extra inhale of your scent. 

seanik*, lush's solid shampoo, makes the need to perfume one's hair obsolete; it smells of mimosa and jasmine - two of earth's utterly sexiest scents, and using it leaves just a hint of their seductive aroma on the locks.  plus the puck is packed with sea salt -- which means tons of added volume at the roots.  i live for a sea salt shampoo.

solid shampoo takes some getting used to, but just break off a tiny chunk of this product and work into your scalp and you'll be a convert.  it comes in a small silver tin, making it extra convenient for travel. $10.95 at lushusa.com

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