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new: maybelline color show nail lacquer.

{the inspiration board for the collection}

as the official backstage makeup sponsors of NY fashion week, maybelline knows beauty trends.  when lashes hit astronomical lengths, they had a formula to match (illegal length fiber extensions), and since nails continue to be dominate the runways, maybelline adding to their polish offerings.  in order to help everyday women emulate some of the boldest looks they've launched 40 new vibrant shades

the shades include bold hues of every shade, plus some textured finishes like metallics, denims, and shredded (for a crackle-esque effect).  for further info checkout their inspiration board on pinterest, or download the app that allows you to virtually try on the shades.

{maybelline nails with accent fingers.  hands - me and dina of eye4style.  photo - courtesy of dina}

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