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five things to try this july.

1. lush ocean salt face and body scrub - nothing imitates the rejuvenation of a day better than this grainy, salty exfoliator.  i've loved this scrub for years, and it never feels more appropriate than in the dead heat of july.  $19.95-34.95.

2. margarita ice pops - out of all the dishes i sampled for my birthday party last month, this one was the crowd favorite, and very simple to make.  i followed this rachael ray recipe.  the kosher salt at the end is a must. image via william-sonoma.com.

3. garnier moisture rescue dry skin - this gooey pink moisturizer makes it's market debut this month.  gel  texture feels so soothing in the heat.  tip for extra cooling power: store this cream in the fridge.

4.  cynthia rowley + band-aid beach sport kit - 20 artful band-aids + 4 mini neosporins + all in a waterproof pouch.  SRP $6.99.

5. tone fruit peel body wash - this crisp apple and citrus scented cleanser transports me to summer camp, circa 1995, in the best way possible.  SRP $4.99.

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