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review: skyn iceland hydro cool firming eye gels.

{cooler than a cucumber}

the top question i get asked as a beauty journalist is "what are the best eye products?"

whether it's to treat dark circles, wrinkles, swelling -- the thin skin in the eye area is so sensitive that many women site it as their biggest beauty concern.  my eyes personally get painfully puffy in the summer time to the point where  i fantasize about buying gel eye masks that you chill in the freezer, but every time i do purchase them they come out of the freezer smelling like food and i end up tossing them.

this week i had a chance to learn more about the skyn iceland line and try their hydro cool firming eye gels.  these buoyant, disposable pads are gently adhered to the under eye for 10 minutes, and during this time a magical transformation occurs.  not only does the swelling under the eyes decrease - leaving you looking crisper and refreshed, but wearing them is also something of a calming process - even though i was running late to my next obligation i couldn't help but relax while wearing the pads.  i'm hoping to make them a daily ritual.  i'm thinking a late afternoon iced tea with eye pads and a magazine would be heavenly.

$30 for 8 pairs of eye gels at skyniceland.com.

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