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summer at-home color tips.

{one of marie robinson's favorite clairol products - nice n' easy foam}
beauties, i've been thinking about the beach a lot lately.  i'm hoping to make a trip to long beach this coming saturday.  beach beauty can be a little tricky, but one rule is everything looks better when brighter.  from neon bikinis to super-saturated hair color, the sun cancels out so much color that nothing seems too bold.  in order to get radiant beach hair i'm thinking of doing at home color, not to change shade, just to heighten my natural hue. marie robinson, clairol spokeswoman and celebrity colorist, and i have talked at-home color on many occasions.  these latest tips she's sharing are specifically geared for summer color maintenance:
  • wait 24 to 48 hours after coloring to wash your hair and if possible, and avoid daily washing!
  • when washing, use shampoos and conditioners specially-formulated to help protect color-treated hair
  • treat your hair to a weekly deep conditioner to help lock in color and replenish moisture
  • apply a heat-protector spray prior to using heat styling tools to help shield your hair
  • reduce exposure to the sun and chlorinated water
  • protect your color from the elements by wearing a hat while you’re in the sun, conditioning hair prior to swimming, and rinsing with fresh water afterward
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