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how to prep for your first flywheel class.

{my flywheel hero}

beauties, in addition to core fusion, my toning class at exhale spa, i've started spinning.  i'm attending flywheel, which is a spinning class, to up my cardio.  while it's a great workout, there a few particulars you should know before you go:
  1. for your first class, get there at least 15 minutes early.   there are special shoes that clip into the bikes, this is an acquired skill which takes some one-on-one instruction to learn.  also, the bikes need to adjusted to your height, again this aspect takes some getting used to.
  2. even you don't sweat generally speaking, this class will make you hot and sweaty. drink at least half a bottle of water before you go, you will need a full bottle of water to intermittently chug during the class, and will probably finish an additional bottle within 10 minutes after class.  at flywheel they provide free bottles of water, take advantage.
  3. the bike seats can be a little rough on your, ehm, lady parts. i was recently chatting about this with carolyn of the daily obsession and she hatched the genius idea to wear a maxi pad to protect your delicates during the class. it started as a joke, but, it works!  i like to use always infinity* for this purpose. they are thin and flexible, making them not obvious through spandex pants, which is vital.  also, the microdots, which channel fluid away from the body and keep you dry are key in this sweaty sort of situation. as an aside,  these pads are also pretty great if you have your period.   $6.99-10.99 at mass retailers.
editor's note:  all ideas in this piece are my own, not those of flywheel or always.

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