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what to put in a wedding bathroom basket (part 2).

1. cynthia rowley's band-aids: are the sort of thing i hoard.  but, weddings are a time to be generous, so i will be including a full box of these fashionable bandages in the next bathroom box i create.

2. secret outlast invisible solid in completely clean (travel size) - sharing deodorant is never OK.  rather than including one big deodorant or that icky spray-on type, i put at least 3 secret minis in the basket, that way each user can start with a fresh deodorant, and feel free to slip it her purse as a little souvenir.

3.assorted redken hairsprays - you don't toy with women's hair at a formal occasion.  many of the items for these baskets can be picked up at the drugstore, but for hairspray - be sure to get salon quality products.  redken's pure force 16 non-aerosol fixing spray is must.

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