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review: bobbi brown shimmering fragrance oil.

my crush on all things bobbi brown only intensifies with each new launch.   i was hoping that the shimmering fragrance oil* in the miami collection would be the one new bobbi product that i could live without. 

having been to the beach in miami (once; exactly this time of year, three years ago) and while i had a wonderful time, i didn't necessarily think i would want to smell like it.  but, the shimmering fragrance oil bears the same scent as the beach eau de parfum - which is a combination of some of my favorite scents; sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin.  i'm not sure it reminds of the beach, certainly not miami beach, but i am sure it's exactly how i want to smell until september. also, it's micro-fine shimmer reminds me of what my skin looks like after spending a day at a beach with lots of mica in the sand.

and rest of the miami collection only brings more things to covet - a gold shimmer cheek glow, 4 treatment lip shine shades (i'm eying peach sorbet), and 25 long-wear cream shadows.

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