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five things to try this may.

1. the contemporary eau de cologne by thirdman - a recent addition to bergdorf goodman and neiman marcus, these light fragrances are unisex and meant for a household, based on an old european tradition.  wearers should apply after their daily shower.  can be worn alone or in combination with your signature scent.  available in three scents - eau monumentale, eau moderne and eau profonde.

2. a bouquet of ranunculi/ranunculuses - during last month's trip to san diego my fiance and i visited the carlsbad ranunculus gardens.  seeing the brightly colored rows of this rose-relative was a breathtaking, and somewhat anachronistic, experience.  they bloom in the spring, so be sure to grab a bunch before they go into hiding for the next several months.

3. clinique repairwear uplifting firming cream* - i love clinique's repairwear line.  with mother's day  on may 12, it's the perfect time to set a mother/daughter goal to take care of your skin.

4. thakoon for NARS nail polish - this collaboration is the buzz of the beauty world right now.  the shades are inspired by the colors found at an indian spice market.  amchoor*, the vibrant yellow, will be adorning my tips all month long.

5. st. germain liqueur - at a recent dove real beauty event i tried a cool & spicy gimlet:  jalepeno infused gin, st germain, fresh lime juice and a cucumber slice.  every guest i entertain in may will be enjoying this recipe.

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