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easiest anti-aging routine with philosophy microdelivery triple-acid brightening peel+ perricone MD vitamin c ester 15.

for the past 3 years as my birthday (june 10th) nears i become panicked about developing the right anti-aging skincare regimen.

i can be a little bad (read: lazy) about my skincare, despite knowing how crucial it is for looking good in the years to come.  i started my newest skincare routine two weeks -- and my skin is softer, brighter and more even tone than it's been in months.  but the best part is how incredibly easy (less than 30-seconds a day at bedtime) it is.

the routine:

philosophy microdelivery trip-acid brightening peel*: before trying this product i didn't take philosophy's skincare all that seriously (but i've always loved those 3-in-1 bodywash/shampoo/bubble baths).  however, these peels are serious.  once a week (i chose sunday evening) i gently massage my face and neck for 30 seconds with this pre-moistened towelette.  be warned, this really is an at home chemical peel -- do not combine with any other skin treatments for 24 hours (or face serious redness).  $68 for a box of 12 towelettes (that's 3 months supply!) at qvc.com.

perricone MD vitamin C ester 15*:  the other 6 nights of the week i apply this gentle brightening treatment.  i wake up each morning looking more and more fresh-faced.  $120 for 4 mini tubes at qvc.com.

i've never been happier with my skin and the ease of routine.  and, of course, i'm still forgetting to wash off my makeup about once a week.

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