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what to put in a wedding bathroom basket (part 1).

with my own wedding on the horizon (exactly one year from now), and one my best friend's weddings fast approaching (in september), my thoughts have turned to all the little details that can make a wedding so special. i have always loved the wedding bathroom basket - a godsend of colorful and useful toiletries - preferably in miniature - to get party-goers through the night. in fact, at most weddings i attend i make sure to be the one providing the basket. i love gathering the pieces for a cosmetic survival kit.

each basket i make is a little different, depending on the bride, venue, and tone of the wedding. but these three essentials will be in every basket i make this wedding season:

  1. always radiant wipes-to-go: spanx and other elaborate undergarments don't always leave wearers feeling the freshest...also, points for their decorative and discreet individual wrappers.
  2. trident vitality: a few drinks and hors d'oeuvres in, and everyone's breath needs help.
  3. john on the spot double sided apparel tape: this hypo-allergenic tape keeps everything where it belongs.

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