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review: braid bar at the john barrett salon (milkmaid braid).

{milkmaid braids page of the braid bar menu}

{front view of my milkmaid braid}


{back view; front view in mirror}

last wednesday i visited to the braid bar at the john barrett salon for to switch up my style. kayley pak, stylist, presented me with their menu book of braid ideas, complete with celeb examples. i gravitated towards the milkmaid braid*, which would get my hair totally off my face and create a sort of classic grecian look. kayley was incredibly focused on making sure the braid looked "just right", and the end result was beautiful.

i love the braid bar because braids look so effortless, but can be very hard to execute on one's own, especially the more complicated styles. plus, braids are the perfect mix of sophisticated and girly. a braided style works equally well for a wedding or just an special evening with friends - and is especially great for hot summer nights when you want your hair off your neck.

tip: to prolong your braid's life wrap your hair in a silk scarf overnight to prevent it from getting fuzzy. braids can last up to 4 days with proper care ( i can usually get 2-3 out of mine and my hair is temperamental).

the braid bar opened in june 2011, and i first learned about it during spring/summer 2012 fashion week (read about that here). the braid bar at the john barrett salon is located on the 9th floor of bergdorf goodman. braids on clean, dry hair cost $45.

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