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updated review: core fusion at exhale spa.

beauties, last time i reviewed core fusion i told you it was pretty much the hardest thing ever (read that here). which is still true, but something strange has happened since then. i've fallen in love with it. and not just a little in love, i'm talking that addictive, hypotic sort of love. like, i want to go to core (that's what i've started calling it) right now.

3 weeks ago i did 1 week unlimited for $40 (which i would recommend to anyone new to exhale spa), during which i took 6 classes. since then i've been going approximately 2x/week, and while i don't actually look like the woman pictured above, my body is quickly headed in the right direction. specifically my thighs and butt are getting crazy toned. if you thicker on bottom, this won't make you smaller but it will make it look great (think kim k-esque).

to look for a location near you check out the exhale site. if there's none in your area, i suggest their dvd.

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