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review: slim-fast 3-2-1, plus my nigel barker photo!

beauties, slim-fast is the chocoholics diet. for the woman or man with a sweet tooth, and a deadline, this is the diet.

last week i met the slim-fast team of experts to get the skinny on their 3-2-1 plan and how to plan for a "wow" moment. the talent-loaded team included stylist/makeup artist joey maalouf, fashion photographer nigel barker, stylist jacqui stafford, chef robin miller and slim-fast nutritionist ali auerbach, MS, RD.

this is a diet for someone with a deadline in mind. if you have what they call a "wow" moment coming up (wedding, reunion, corporate function), listen up. the 3-2-1 diet involves one 500 calorie healthy meal/day (think: fish tacos with tons of fresh veggies), two slim-fast shakes as meal replacements, and three 100 calorie snacks (either from the slim-fast collection or of your own choosing). now, i tried slim-fast shakes 5 years ago when they were in a tin can and those shakes tasted like a tin can. the new shakes in a bottle are roughly a million times better. the creamy milk chocolate shake is my favorite, and is almost indistinguishable from my favorite beverage, a real chocolate milkshake.

after joey maalouf prepped me, nigel barker took my "wow" moment photo. the reason i'm grinning like this is meeting nigel barker was my wow moment. he was so disarmingly charming that i couldn't stop talking. also, he's much bigger in person than you might imagine watching ANTM.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received samples from this collection and attended the event described for possible review.


tigerrlily said...

This is awesome. I'm jealous you met him!

makeup loves me said...

thank you! he was soooo charming

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