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back from vacation (all i ever wanted)!

beauties, things have been a bit of whirlwind (in the best way possible) in my the world of makeup loves me lately. i just returned from a wonderful ( and warm!, NYC, what is wrong with you?!) 4 days in the dominican republic with my new fiance. the above picture is what it looked like every, single, second.

my only complaint is, beauties, i always forget the most crucial things when i travel. i took this picture for you of the makeup i brought -- and that is for 4 days! i have 7 lip colors and 4 blushes! however, i brought almost no toiletries! i always forget how convenient my conveniences are in NYC with a duane reade on every corner and a canadian pharmacy online willing to deliver at all hours. lesson learned, next time i will back my shampoo!

but other than that, puerto plata was beautiful. i spent everyday on the beach with a pina colada in hand. now back to the real world...

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