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review: caress fine fragrance elixirs.

i've already reviewed this product, but at the that time i didn't realize i would still be in love with it months later (see my original review here).

black orchid & juniper oil and red lychee & patchoili oil are fragrance perfection -- the ideal blends of sweet and sultry --they make feel magical, like the carpet ride scene in aladin. caress, this is my official plea for you to create more fine fragrance elixirs. invite me to your workshop and we brainstorm exotic scents. in the meantime i will continue to rotate these two wonders.

and for all you beauties who haven't tried these two scents yet, get into it. for less than $5 at your local drugstore, you can't get anything as special for 3x the price.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received a sample of this product for possible review.


Anonymous said...

Heard so much about it but never got it. Guess I will have to try it out :)

makeup loves me said...

@jojo -- you must try it, especially if you are a fan of stronger, complex scents. let me know if you end up loving it too!

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