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baubles are a girl's best friend (dedicated).

when choosing clothing and makeup each day, follow somewhat formulaic standards such as what looks best, or what's on trend, or ideally both. however, choosing our jewelry often relies on much more intuitive and subconscious associations, with different pieces reminding us of our current and past relationships, some pieces giving us strength or others reminding us of to be humble or patient. throughout a women's life, the jewellery she choses for herself, and that which she receives as gifts, build a bank of accessories that also serve as talismans - that she may choose to protect her for each days unique challenges.

even though gold and jewelry prices continue to rise, it's remains important for women to choose pieces for themselves that reflect their taste and that they will cherish. jewelry is used to mark many landmarks - certainly the iconic diamond engagement rings come to mind, but there are numerous other occasions that can and are marked with a bauble - graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and friendships all call for the perfect trinket.

i have many, many favorite pieces of jewelry from just these instances. however, the three most powerful pieces i own are:

  • my best friend necklace - my two best friends and i all have identical necklaces tiny gold necklaces, engraved with our nicknames for other another.
  • my art deco diamond ring - a gift from my mother, when i was 25, that she bought for herself when she was 25. she knew the piece was a little outside of her budget, but that she would treasure it forever. every time i look at this ring i'm reminded of the importance of taking chances and believing in yourself.
  • my gold bar earrings - a recent birthday gift from my boyfriend, these earrings are delicate, yet unique (much how i sometimes like to think of myself). i have yet to wear them without receiving a compliment.
the power of saying it with metal and stone is why new traditions, such as eternity rings and friendship bracelets, quickly become part of our cultural lexicon. don't forget to give beautiful pieces to yourself and your friends, beauties!

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that this post is sponsored and that MakeupLovesMe.com received compensation for writing it, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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