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review: violent lips temporary lip tattoos - plus swatch!

violent lips temporary lip tattoos gives a theatrically dramatic makeup look, while not really requiring much skill, effort, or need to reapply. i love!

how to: similar to a non-lip temporary tattoo, to apply just blot the backing with a wet cloth and peel. i found that part very easy, however the step before, cutting the tattoo down to match the size and shape of my lips was a bit tricky. the backing is set up with vertical and horizontal lines, like graph paper, to help with the lip measuring, but it's still an imprecise science.

the packaging (contains 3 appliques for $14.99):
and here's how it turns out when i got violent with my own lips:

i took multiple pics - and this one was actually the least frightening. the mix of colors in the sprinkles tattoo makes it somewhat zombie-esque, perfect for halloween. i'm still into the concept, but i'm thinking of trying out one of the red of pink styles next time for a sexier look.

my pattern was part of a limited edition dessert themed collection violent lips did with the sugar factory. shop all other styles at violentlips.com.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received a sample of this product for possible review.

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