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new and limited: lush halloween and day of the day products.

halloween, and the adjacent mexican holiday day of the dead, are two weeks away. lush cosmetics always creates extraordinary and thematic products to honor both holidays. this year lush has in-store offerings and online exclusives.

online exclusives:

  • calacas shower jellies - are colorful fruit-scented shower jellies are designed to represent dancing “calacas” or skulls – an iconic image found in the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. i adore these, though can't truly figure out how to use the them. the directions say something about putting them in the freezer then enjoying them in the shower.
  • lady catrina soap - zesty and uplifting hat-shaped soap decorated with brightly colored flowers is a homage to Lady Catrina, a symbolic image for the Day of the Dead (she also wore hats!).
  • jacko bath bomb - this item actually has nothing to do with the michael jackson trial. it's a brew of cinnamon powder, ground chili and cayenne pepper to warm you up on those chilly fall nights.
  • cobweb bath bomb - spiced cobweb-shaped bath bomb magically turns your bath water into a shimmering Halloween night sky.
  • pumpkin knot wrap - wrap up your Halloween goodies in this little Pumpkin version of our Knot Wrap, or pop in a spooky bath bomb of your choice to create a fabulously seasonal Jack-o-Lantern.
in stores and online:
  • ghost shower gel - made with rose and dove orchid infusions, this shower gel is translucent, lovely and only around for a moment before it disappears.
  • pumpkin soap - this limited edition soap is pumpkin-colored and shaped with a lovely and rejuvenating scent of cinnamon, good enough to eat.
  • calaveras bath bomb - my personal favorite - calaveras are an iconic image for Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. this version is filled with marigold petals and zesty lime oil to make your bath time festive!
don't trick yourselves, beauties. you need to to treat yourself to one of these.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received a sample of this product for possible review.

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