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review: tulip garden from project art by NEST fragrances.

like most reasonable people, i want my house to smell good, but i also really like to cook. the latter makes the former surprisingly difficult. but turning my home into a sensory sanctuary has become somewhat of a fixation in the past month. knowing that fashion week and the other hectic-ness that fall brings were heading my way, i wanted to zen-ify my house through scent.

step 1 - identify dream scent. mine is tulip garden from project art by NEST fragrances. i reviewed the candle here last fall, and rather than getting sick of it, i've fallen more in love with it ever since. it's a very fresh and not headache-inducing floral. when my home smells like tulip garden my mood lifts instantly.

step 2 - find ways to have the scent subtly take over. the problem with just having the tulip garden candle was that my house only smells like tulip garden when someone is actually home to burn the candle (otherwise it's quite dangerous). the reed diffuser is the most important step in keeping the scent level constant. the hand soap is also a great touch though, because this leaves guests with a subtle reminder of my signature scent when they leave my restroom.

in your pursuit of signature scent, i highly recommend project art by NEST. NEST makes delicately crafted home fragrance and project art is their mass brand - which maintains the mother brand's authenticity.

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Queitsch Hof said...

I discovered a candle at TJ Maxx's 2 weeks ago and fell in love- but have been unable to find any others for sale in the world. Even Bed Bath and Beyond was sold out all over the US. I have never loved a scent in particular but I adore this so much because when I get near the candle, I feel like I am going into a florist shop and it is so refreshing. If I could find anything at all- a candle, a lotion or soap or diffuser, I would buy up what I could find.

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