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review: neova eye cream and body repair lotion.

regular readers know my mom loves neova. here are some of my momma's latest thoughts on the brand and some of their latest products.

on neova eye treatment:
"I've been using the Eye Treatment daily and love the instant removal of the bags under the eyes. It also is a dream to use as I find all their products."

on neova maximum body repair lotion:
"Another product which is getting daily use is the Maximum Body Repair Lotion. My hands look better with less spots and generally a lighter appearance almost immediately after use. I have used perscription products and I'm getting better results with Maximum Body Repair. Here I have a suggestion for Neova, they need to make a purse size so it can be reapplied during the day. After a day of hand washing it needs refreshing."

on neova's packaging:
You must credit their engineers and management for creating products with such an efficient delivery system. These pumps and dispensers work the first time you use them to the last time when the creams have come to an end."

to experience the brand, visit nextderm.com, also know as the complete neova resource.

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