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backstage: costello tagliapietra for spring/summer 2012.

beauties - a little sneak peak at what you will be seeing in spring 2012. the look at costello tagliapietra was sophisticated, yet fresh; an appropriate look for women of all ages. as deborah lippmann herself told me, the look is "grown up".

plus, refined, neat hair and greige nails both proved that they are here to stay for another season.

hair: nelson vercher with redken
nails: deborah lippmann with beauty.com
makeup: MAC cosmetics

top photo credit: lelanie foster; others property of makeuplovesme.com

to create the nails: layer lippmann's fashion polish over her waking up in vegas shade, then top it with her on a clear day ultra shiny top coat.

to create the hair:
1) start off with wet hair. layer three different redken products. now, the order in which the products are applied is of great importance, in order to create the effect of humidity, but in a more glamorous way. 1st - apply a heavy creme leave-in conditioner by redken. 2nd - apply a silicone product (glass 01 by redken). 3rd - add a holding product (redken volume 06). apply all the product starting at the nape of the neck.

2) create "the twist!". divide the hair into 2 sections, separating the top from the bottom. work with the bottom section first and roll and roll the twist upwards.

3) then, switch to the top section of hair, using ingers, create a claw and rake the top/front of the hair. this will give the hair texture and create a disheveled look, so it won't look too perfect. roll the twist downwards. this creates two opposing twists - the top twist is rolled under (facing downwards) and the bottom twist is rolled up (facing upwards).

4) now to connect the top and bottom twists. take hairpins (not bobby pins) and put them all in on the diagonal. finish with a little redken glass 01 to the top of the hair for added shine.

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