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review: neutrogena dermatologics retinol nx serum.

approximately every 6 months i tailspin into a panic where i'm convinced i'm getting wrinkles. "omg, i'm in my late 20s now, i have to take my skincare regimen seriously. what's going on my forehead?! wrinkles? baby wrinkles? proto-wrinkles? is this because i raise my eyebrows all.the.time.? why can't i stop making that face?! also, argghh!!!"

this time around my strategy involves neutrogena dermatologics retinol nx serum as my bedtime treatment. dermatologists currently recommend a retinol treatment at night and sunscreen during the day. this non-prescription retinol treatment helps turn over cells and minimize signs of aging, without being as drying or harsh as the prescription stuff. it goes on smooth and smells vaguely sweet. i haven't had any redness or irritation.

$65 at qvc.com.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received a sample of this product for possible review.

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