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axe crew cut buzzed look cream with spf 15.

man in residence, ariel / untrained dude of untrainedeats.com, tries out the latest from axe. here's what he has to say:

"axe crew cut buzzed look cream with spf 15 has a great, summery smell that i know girls will go for. the product itself goes on smooth and doesn't feel greasy or tacky like other pomade hair products, and i've used a lot of hair products in my day. since this product is designed for guys with short hair, it's really creative that they decided to include sunscreen in the formula, because us guys don't normally remember to worry about sunscreen. even though the fact that it has sunscreen makes me think it was designed for fair skinned dudes, it really worked on this tan gentleman's dome, too."

retailing for approximately $7-10 at retailers nationwide. and considering it's for short hair, a little bit will go a long way.

editor's note: in accordance with ftc regulations, please be advised that a sample of this product was received for possible review.

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