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shobha madison avenue revisited.

earlier this week i visited shobha's remodeled madison avenue location for brow shaping and bikini waxing. the new storefront is in the same building as their previous madison location but one floor down, much more spacious, and a colorful treat for the eyes.

i do not trust a soul who does not have a shobha ID with my brows. i have had other famous brow specialists make my eyebrows so thin and arched you would think i had walked into their salon and said "make me look like a porn star, please." since that experience, i swear by shobha. while i'm less selective about my nether region, they also do an excellent bikini wax.

my most trusted brow vizier is anjali, but this appointment was with manju, the senior brow specialist at the madison location. i was pleased to see that manju easily incorporated the same tenets for shaping my brows that anjali uses (not too arched and not too thin in the front!), giving me a brow shaping that i can be proud of. shobha's consistently outstanding work makes me fall in love with them with every visit.

to learn more about the shobha experience visit shobhathreading.com.

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