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how to: fishtail braids.

tribal inspiration has taken hold of summer style. the fishtail braid draws on this theme, and the style is just as natural for a day at the beach as a formal affair (i wore my hair in a fishtail braid to a wedding this past weekend).

i'm captivated by the style, but after a failed attempt to create the style at home i visited hadar at salon AKS for a fishtail tutorial. it is surprisingly easy - instead of 3 sections like in a traditional braid just divide hair into 2 sections. next, exchange a small piece a hair from the outside of one section and place it in the other section (similar to how you start a french braid). alternate doing this from one pile to the other until you get the end of your hair.

here's hadar's handiwork on my friend sheila:

here's how mine turned out:

i still think it's a little bit tricky to do on yourself, so i recommend you grab a friend and a glass of wine and get to work on each other's hair before hitting the bar or the beach.

special tip from hadar: if you have layers be sure to include some pins around the base when you're done to prevent it from looking too messy.

and if you're still confused or you want yours extra perfect for a summer occasion, book with hadar at salon AKS, on the corner of 54th street and 5th ave.


The Jet Set Girls said...

so cute! I want to see a photo from the front, too!

indian said...

Wow what a nice hair style its looking so good I inspire your post such a nice information and tips you provide us.
Thank you for sharing with us.

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Rachel - At First Blush said...

Thank you for the tutorial! I've been wanting to try it.. but very intimidated!

Sweettdesirre said...

I love the fishtail braids, too bad i still cant grasp the concept of doing them but my mom can really well!! http://www.howtodoafishtailbraid.org

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