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review: neulash active eyelash technology.

neulash is a non-prescription lash enhancer. with nightly application along the lash line (application is similar to that of liquid liner) neulash conditions the lashes to create longer, fuller lashes.

there are many different lash enhancers whirling about the market, but i decided to try neulash after visiting LA last month. my nail tech's lashes while i was there were gorgeous -- i couldn't believe her when she told me she didn't have extensions, and she swore up and down that her lashes were nothing to write home about before she started using neulash. if i didn't have her lashes committed to memory i never would have made it through the first 4 weeks - because i saw absolutely NO increase in my lash length during that time. instead, i saw was a bit of redness on my eyelids after applying, which went away in about 1/2 hour.

but at the 4 week mark, like a very slow magic trick, my lashes started to wow me. they are still nowhere near as long as the nail tech's, but they are on their way and noticeably fuller. my new hobby is running my fingers along them.

1 tube of neulash retails for $130-150, comparable with a set of lash extensions. while mine are nowhere near as long as my extensions usually go, one advantage neulash has over extensions is it's your own lashes, so you can sleep on them and get them wet all you want.

editor's note: in accordance with the ftc regulations, please be advised that MakeupLovesMe.com received a sample of this product for possible review.


lingy69 said...

Hi there.....I recently took the plunge and purchased Neulash. At the end of this week, it will be the 4th week mark. I purposely took before pics (before Neulash use) and took a pics last night. I may be anxious/impatient since I see NO increase in lash length. Reading your blog, it appears that you had similar experience. Should I give it more time? Any suggestions would be great.

makeup loves me said...

thanks for visiting! it did take a loooong time for neulash to work on me and i never got to the point where i needed to trim them, but my lashes are definitely longer than before i started using. at this point i wouldnt give it up b/c i am enjoying the results. for more info see this post - http://www.makeuplovesme.com/2011/07/review-x2-neulash.html

lingy69 said...

Hi makeup loves me....thank you for the quick response. Funny thing is, after writing comment, I'm seriously noticing that my lashes are stronger and darker looking. Didn't realize there was a part 2 to your review. I will definitely keep using as there isn't any irritation for me. I will keep you posted on results.....hopefully by the 8 week mark, increase in length will definitely be apparent.

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